Why do I need a BunkPal?


BunkPal gives students living in the dorms and sleeping on the top bunk a better experience. It provides a place for that alarm clock that is always falling out of bed, your glasses that keep getting bent out of shape, and your Lit book that has the knack for putting you to sleep.

The BunkPal was created with the student in mind. It is affordable and sturdy. It holds everything you would need on the top bunk, from your textbooks to your cell phone and of course, your alarm clock. I've got my BunkPal....do you?


The BunkPal is 13" L x 10" W and comes equipped with adjustable clamps 2" in width. These clamps can adjust to the size of your bed frame and/or end rails to ensure a proper fit. The BunkPal is designed with a raised lip to keep items from falling off and is built to hold up to 40 lbs! (manufactured to fit any normal dorm room bed)

The BunkPal is a wooden shelf which comes in a beautiful oak color that matches most bunk beds perfectly.